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Your MedCreds Personal Health Wallet

Create Your MedCreds Health Wallet

Follow this tutorial video to set up your MedCreds personal digital health wallet, and see an overview of how you can use your health wallet.
Share Your Health Status

Self Health Assessment

If you would like to share your health assessment with another person or organization, follow this tutorial to learn how.
Request Health Status

Keep Your Bubble Safe

Learn how to request health status from another person that is in your bubble.
Respond to a Request

Consent to Share your Information

Your information is only shared when you agree to share it. If someone requests information from you, then you will receive an e-mail or text message with the request. When you click on the link you have the choice to consent or dismiss the request.
Address Book

Simple Verification Requests

Whenever you share information, or request information from another person, they are added to your address book. Use your address book to easily request information from your bubble any time.
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